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CheckMEND international

Make sure used electronics do not have a dubious past by checking their history before buying or selling them such as barred phones. We strongly recommend to use this service before uploading an imei to one of our unlocking services. As you know if your imei is barred in some case we CAN NOT REFUND an invalid request.

Generate a complete checks record of your device as follow:

  • Ever blocked
  • Currently blocked
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Insurance claim
  • Possible counterfeit
  • Owners
  • Possible clone
  • Recycled
  • Contract status
  • Warranty
  • Finance

Official Report

CheckMEND is the world's largest source of used electronics information and includes data from the FBI and major US CDMA cell carriers. If you're intending to buy or sell used electricals then you need to use CheckMEND.

CheckMEND is now connected to the US CDMA ESN/MEID carriers database which now means CDMA mobile phones with an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) also known as the MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) can now be searched on CheckMEND.
We will now be able to tell you if the phone cannot be used on a carrier because it is still under an agreement with the carrier or its been recorded as lost or stolen.

You can check the background history of any used electrical including laptops, cell phones, GPS devices, gaming consoles, audio visual equipment, iPad's and much more...

Do you need more information about a mobile phone, laptop, PC, iPad or another item of used consumer electronics you are thinking about buying?

Do you want to ensure you get the best price on ebay or the like when you sell an item by providing the buyer with a background report?

Do you want reassurance that an item you're about to buy online or trade-in has not been recorded as stolen, reported lost, been repaired, is counterfeit, cloned, has insurance claims made against it or blocked. Then you need to use CheckMEND

If you're checking against a handset, you should seek the IMEI for a GSM phone or the ESN/MEID number for a CDMA phone. In each case this is a unique identifier for the handset that will display on the screen by dialing the following *#06#. Alternatively, it can normally be found on the documentation or packaging that came with the handset. Additionaly some handsets may also have a unique serial number - As when you perfrom a check on a used item you can add up to three identifiers.


Please note: If you are intending to check a mobile device identified by an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or a Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) and are having difficulties obtaining the identifier by dialing *#06# some devices may display the ESN or MEID under the battery, below the battery or on the back of the phone sticker.

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Desbloqueo por su teléfono celular de fábrica oficial, garantizado proporcionada por una calculadora o directamente desde el fabricante del teléfono. Independientemente de la red original de su teléfono.