Is Your iPhone Unlocked or Locked? Here’s How to Tell!

It’s a question that we’ve been asking for years, ever since Apple came out with the very first model. That being said, here is our extensive guide. There are various procedures that you can incorporate to know regarding How to tell if your iPhone is unlocked! You can take help from immense and wide number of online tools. 

Furthermore, to get information on how to verify this status, there are a few of the websites that can guide you in this respective area. Like, you can scroll to the site of Verizon, AT & T, T- Mobile and Sprint. 

Here we have shared the links with you:

how to tell if iPhone unlocked through Verizon

Verizon –

how to tell if iPhone is unlocked through AT&T


how to tell if iPhone is unlocked through T Mobile

T-Mobile –

how to tell if iPhone is unlocked through Sprint

Sprint –

How to tell if your iPhone is unlocked without a Sim Card?

Below we have mentioned a specific method for our readers! To get information on how to unlock your phone, this method without sim will give you an elaborated guide.

Check the status of your iPhone through settings

For that, first of all, you have to open up the settings app that is present on your iPhone. Then you need to select and hit on Cellular. 

Click on the option that states cellular data options. 

If you are going to see this option of Cellular Data Network, then it all means that your iPhone is unlocked. However, if this option does not appear on your iPhone, then you can get a sign that your phone is locked. This is how to tell that your iPhone is unlocked.

The only drawback of following this method is that it does not give that much accurate and precise result.

Regarding the guide how to unlock based upon the carrier that we are going to share sooner with you. What you can do is to post and pen down on their website that this is the issue that you are facing, we are sure that their team will get back to you with a perfect solution. 

Give and share with them clear information on how to unlock your phone if you are using their carrier.

How to tell if your iPhone is unlocked using the SIM card?

sim card IMEI

Now, to get information on how to unlock your phone using the sim card, below are the details for you:

Checking and verifying the locked/unlocked status of your iPhone with the help of SIM card

If you want to follow this method, then make sure that you do have two sim cards of Any network. And these sim cards need to belong to two different carriers. If you do not have and possess two sim cards, then do not worry. You can borrow and request for a sim card from any of your friends.

The very first step regarding How to unlock is to power off and turn off your iPhone. You need to make use of a straightened paper clip for the sake of opening the SIM card tray. After that, you can remove and take out the current SIM card. 

Examine your SIM card

Now, you can insert the SIM card of some different kind of carrier. These sim cards have to be of same and exact size.

Once you have inserted the sim cards, you can now push back the tray all into its defined and exact place. 

The next step is to turn on your iPhone. Make a call on any of the working numbers. Upon making a call, if you get this error message that this respective call cannot be processed and completed, then it means that your iPhone is locked.

Now, you know how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked. And if you are searching for the guide on how to unlock based upon the carrier that is coming soon. 

We have shared carrier website links with you, you can visit them and see the guide and clear method on unlocking your phone. These popular mobile carriers have already put up an elaborated guide for their users convenience.

Knowing the locked/unlocked status of your iPhone upon using an online tool

Moving on to this online tool usage, you can follow this method as well. To get information on how to use these online tools and to know how to unlock based upon your carrier, we can guide you. 

Top-most career website links are above shared with you. You can check out and visit them. It will be these carriers that can in-detail and quickly guide you concerning how to unlock your iPhone model.

These days, one can come across a large number of online tools that can be utilized for iPhone unlocked models. With the usage of these tools, you can know the locked or unlocked status of your iPhone. Some tools ask for charges. 

But you can use free tools too. Regarding the accuracy of these online tools, it is still and yet not sure. What you can do is to consult using and checking out any of the professional and reliable websites, they may give you accurate and precise results.

To use an online tool, first, you have to find and look for your IMEI number. To perform this job, open up the tab of settings and click on the button of General. Then you need to tap on and click about. 

Furthermore, scroll down until and unless you see and look for IMEI number. Enter this number on to the respective website and click on the button of Check. Moreover, solve the captcha so that you can carry out and process rest of the steps.

After all of these steps, the respective and specific online tool website will provide you with some information card. 

IMEI Check using an online carrier

On this information card, you will know the status of your iPhone concerning whether it is locked or unlocked. Any carrier iPhone model use can follow this process.

There are none of the free of cost services if one wants to carry out and process with a proper iPhone IMEI Check service mode. 

Furthermore, if you want to make use of a proper and official iPhone IMEI Check, then you make sure that you should have trouble-free and hassle-free access to Apple’s GSX database. There are a few of the companies out there that have access to these kinds of databases.

To use this iPhone IMEI Check service, the user needs to have thorough access to Apple’s GSX databases. 

Otherwise, you may not be able to get the exact information.

You are free to get help from any of your Current or Future Mobile Carriers. Most importantly, AT&T has their own and official IMEI checker likewise it is possessed with T-Mobile. 

Through the usage of these checkers, you can get all information about your phone. You will know about its lock status. In addition, you will get the info whether safe transactions are going on or not.

You may have seen that this carrier is named as AT&T, it is injected with a device unlock portal. Through this portal, all of the non-customers are allowed and permitted to pen down their IMEI number and to fill up the form linked with the unlock request. 

As soon as you have decided that this is the respective and specific IMEI checker that you will be using, then you need to enter your IMEI number and have a look at the details of your results and extracted information.

More tips for you!

You are free to follow any of these easy, simple and quick tips to check the status of your device. And to get information on how to unlock your other phone models, keep connected with us.

It is recommended and suggested to look and analyze the Cellular Data Options (Settings >Cellular). Note down that if Cellular Data is a toggle, then you will get this message that your Apple iPhone is unlocked. 

If there is no option, then your iPhone is wholly and completely locked.

In addition, to know how to tell if an iPhone is unlocked, you can test your iPhone by using two sim cards. You can process this job by taking help and assistance from CTIA-Accredited IMEI checker. 

To get information on how to unlock any of your iPhone models, you can give a call to your carrier. This is how to unlock based upon the carrier. You can request them to help you out checking the locked and unlocked status of your iPhone.

What does an “Unlocked Phone” mean?

Most of you might not have this clear idea of what an unlocked iPhone means, so to get information on how to define an unlocked phone, here we are going to tell you. Your iPhone can link to any of the carriers.

As an example, it will be easy and convenient for you to switch it from one carrier to another. At one day, your phone is on Sprint carrier and on the other day, your phone is on Verizon carrier. Moreover, if you have bought and purchased an iPhone from Apple store, then there is a chance that it will be completely unlocked. 

However, if you have purchased an iPhone from some carrier and it is on contract, then it will be available in locked form until and unless you pay for that contract. Before you buy an iPhone, it is important for you to ask and enquire regarding its locked and unlocked status.

Most importantly, locked iPhones are usually and generally stuck with a carrier. To know how to unlock based upon the carrier, you can see this guide.

It is true that unlocked iPhones, they manage to fetch and grab more money when you plan to sell them out.

To get information on how to inculcate this lock concept, you need to understand that a lock is a software code. It is usually and commonly placed on the iPhone for the sake of meeting the mobile operator requirements. Besides, these carrier locks, they are specifically and basically contract locks.  

Summary / conclusion 

It is always a good and useful practice to check the locked or unlocked status of your iPhone before you plan to buy a new model! 

We have mentioned a possible number of methods with you. You can follow any of them and share your feedback with us. 

Keep in mind the big difference in terms of the price tag when you buy unlocked iPhones and iPads. 

Besides, these unlocked models are comparatively and generally more expensive. To know how to unlock based upon carrier, you can visit the respective carrier sites of Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.

Only these methods will tell you regarding the locked and unlocked mode of your phone.

To get information on how to unlock varied phone models of yours, you can stay tuned and all remain connected with us.