Samsung Unlocked Phones – Top Eleven for Sale in 2020

Our Quick Picks

Samsung unlocked phones are some of the best cellphones out on the marketplace today. With offerings from the Galaxy Note 10+ to the S10, to the S20, we review our top ten deals for 2020 in this article, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect device.

So, on the very top spot for our Samsung unlocked phones, we have Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 64GB, and Midnight Black for our readers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 64GB, Midnight Black – Fully Unlocked

unlocked Samsung phone galaxy note 8


 This is the top recommendation we have for you available in the form of Samsung Unlocked Phones. You may try out this Galaxy Note 8, 64GB, and Midnight Black as well. Most probably, this unlocked phone will meet your expectations and you will be happy to use it as it is a Certified Refurbished product.

Furthermore, it looks like a new phone and that is the best thing about it. It is going to give you none of the signs of wear and tear. Though it is a used phone, it will not give you a feel as if it is a second-hand phone. Approved and tested by the third party seller through Amazon. Upon buying it, you will get a minimum 90-day warranty time.

So, keep in mind that this phone for sale will be delivered to you in the generic brown box or you are going to have it in a white box.

Its Internal Memory range is 64GB and 6GB of RAM. Most noteworthy, this phone provides and offers you with fast web connection functioning. It runs on 4G LTE mode. You can easily download all kinds of apps. Regarding its other features, it is composed of 6.3″ Quad HD and also super AMOLED touchscreen. This phone has got an Extra-large screen. It consists of a slim body and this phone will remain comfortable all in your hands. Concerning its camera, this phone is injected with Dual 12.0MP and a rear-facing camera.

The Rest of Our Recommendations

Now, let us have a look at the rest of the recommendation details for Samsung unlocked phones. All the suggestions that are mentioned-below and reviewed for you, differ in terms of their price, color, and GB size. We have done this thorough review for you so that you can get the best unlocked phone for yourself. Various options are put up and placed in front of you, go and get any of them.

To see what a certain place carries, you can get in touch with any reliable third party seller and buy the desired unlocked phone model of yours.

So, keep on continuing to read. There is this world of best and top-class new unlocked Samsung models out there. By checking out their reviews, you can easily determine which model is going to work for you:

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 128GB – Prism Black

unlocked samsung phone galaxy s10 black


Next, we have this Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone. People are going so crazy after this Samsung Unlocked Phones version as it is packed and injected with lots of updated camera features. There is a powerful S10 software update present in it.

In addition, this phone that is for sale is fused and installed with features like Single Take AI, Fingerprint ID, and pro video properties. It has a high and top-class quality camera lens and it promises to take the best photos of yours. You can capture some stunning and amazing landscapes by using this phone. For epic and jaw opening details, you can use its micro zoom feature.

If you are planning to buy this Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked phone, it means you have got a studio in your pocket. It offers super stabilization and provides precision audio focus quality. Lastly, this phone runs on a fast charging mode. It shows super-speed and fast processing.

Samsung Galaxy A50 A505G 64GB – Black

unlocked samsung galaxy a50 black


How about buying this Samsung Galaxy A50 A505G 64GB Duos GSM Unlocked Phone! This is a risk-free purchase that you can get at your end. Make sure that this phone does not work and run with any of the CDMA carriers.

This generally and mainly includes Sprint and Verizon and also US cellular. No warranty time is attached to it; still, this is a lucrative phone option that you can buy for yourself. Most noteworthy, it is packed with a 6.4″ Infinity-U Super AMOLED Display. It consists of a triple-action camera.

If you are looking for a Samsung unlocked phone that is fused with F1.7, F2.2 wide Angle as well as Flash and 25 MP front camera, then try out this recommendation. Its memory is expandable from 64GB to 512 GB. On the other hand, this model has got 4 GB RAM. It offers fast charging. Rest of the great qualities that are present in this phone that you are going to explore on your own once you buy it.

Samsung Galaxy A20S w/Triple Cameras – 32GB – Black

unlocked samsung phone galaxy a20


This is an International version that we have reviewed for you. So the only drawback of this unlocked model is that you will not get any warranty time in the USA.

But the catchy and impressive part is that this model is fully compatible with a large number of GSM carriers. In other words, this model by Samsung, it is compatible right with T-Mobile and Metro PCS. It has a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, a Snapdragon processor. Its main rear camera is 13.0 MP and the front camera is 8.0 MP.

You will love using this Samsung unlocked phone as it has IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and manages to show16M colors. Hence, if you love making vlogs and are made of playing games, then this is a suitable phone model for you that is for sale.

It is all because of its bigger screen that you will get an excellent view. Its ultra-wide Triple camera makes your memories more special and memorable.

Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Lilac Purple – Fully Unlocked

unlocked samsung phone galaxy s9 lilac purple


If you feel like buying this Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, then do not waste any more time and buy it. This is the Best buy. Most noteworthy, it has a 5.8-inch and Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen.

This phone has got 1440 x 2960 pixels and it is injected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Talking about its other feature, this phone has 12MP Camera along with f/1.5-2.4, 26mm lens. Besides, it is infused with Dual Pixel PDAF and also 8MP Front Camera that comes with a presence of f/1.7, 25mm lens. Its camera quality is a reimagined one and that is the best thing about it.

This phone for sale has the potential to switch in between varied numbers of lighting conditions. So it makes your videos and photos all go great looking. Its unlocking process is pretty much easy and simple. 

As you can see that this phone functions on intelligent scan technology and this technology fuses and combines face recognition and also iris scanning! So to see what a certain place carries, we have mentioned to you that you can have such deals from Walmart and Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with 256 GB (U.S. Warranty)

unlocked samsung phone galaxy note 10 plus silver


 This is a powerful Samsung Unlocked phone model. First of all, its battery lasts and survives for a day.

Furthermore, this phone manages to intelligently power itself. It does not consume much of the battery no matter how much you use it. So it charges itself in fewer time frames and gives you a seamless use every single day. Apart from that, this phone for sale has immense storage space in it. Its memory is expandable. Note 10+ cinematic display and too immersive bezels make you fall in love with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10, 128GB, Prism Black – Fully Unlocked

galaxy s10 black front and back


We have reviewed this yet another impressive Samsung Unlocked Phones model for you. It is this Samsung Galaxy S10, 128GB. It has a cinematic infinity display and that is the catchy trait of it. Moreover, this recommended model is composed of pro-grade cameras.

So, when will you buy this phone? It runs on a wireless power share mechanism and is marked as the next generation phone. Its ultrasonic display will give you super entertaining time while using it.

You can unlock this phone with just a single touch and it operates on fingerprint ID protection operations too. So, you can effortlessly and seamlessly take pictures by using it. Samsung Galaxy S10 has great camera quality and excellent quality images.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with 512 GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black

unlocked samsung phone galaxy note 10 plus black


 For super speed processing phones, we have this one of the amazing deals for all of you. It gives you fast and quick charging operations. Besides, this unlocked phone model for sale, it provides you with super long-lasting power operations.

If you are planning to buy a second-hand phone, then why not try out this version. You will be happy to use it. Beyond, this one is the S pen’s newest and highly upgraded evolution. It comprises a remote shutter and also a playlist button. It offers features and exclusive properties like handwriting to text and too One magic wand. How cool it is!

It has pro lenses installed in it and lets you experience a super range of stabilization. This S10+ less infinity display will be able to give you a cinematic quality every single day.

So if you are wondering to see what a certain place carries this model, we can give you an idea that you can have this phone from Walmart and Amazon kind of third-party sellers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 128GB

galaxy s10 white


If you love taking photos and recording video, then trust us, this is the most suitable recommendation and pocket-friendly deals for you. It is with just one tap and click that you can capture and take super classy pictures.

Furthermore, it fully allows you to take multiple numbers of images in one tap. How amazing it is! You can capture some of the best moments as this phone has premium quality lenses in it and they give out super impressive effects. So, you can even control and set your camera settings in any manner you want to. For adjusting and setting the exposure, you can make use of Pro Video mode. You can use this same mode to make changes in focus.

These Samsung unlocked phones are fully compatible with other devices as well. It all means that this unlocked phone by Samsung allows quick and fast sharing operations. You can share these files from one device to another by using Wi-Fi or with the help of Bluetooth.

So, do order this phone that is for sale! It has a sleek design and that is an attractive quality of it. It carries and fuses with a super-slim design. This phone has 6.1†endless and best-looking quad HD+ dynamic AMOLED screen and shows Facial Recognition property too.

Samsung Galaxy A10 32GB A105M 6.2″ HD+ Infinity-V – Black

unlocked samsung phone galaxy a10 black


Most certainly, this Samsung Galaxy A10 will become the favorite unlocked phone of yours. This phone always remains in action. Its uses are immense and multiple in terms of numbers. It gives you a vivid and clear viewing experience.

So, you will be happy to know that this model is embossed and packed with next-gen Infinity-V Display. It allows capture and takes stunning photos. It had a 5MP front camera and too 13MP rear camera. This phone has beaten so many other phone models. So, do you want to give it a try?

This is a powerful and durable multi-tasking phone for sale that you can buy. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 6.4″ Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Ocean Blue

galaxy note 9 blue


Lastly, here we are reviewing for you this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone. It has got the largest battery life at its end and that is the unique selling point of it. If you use your phone all day long and also during night time, then this is an appropriate model for you. It is twice stronger as compared to the rest of the model.

Furthermore, this exceptional and reliable model gives you more music time and more videos watching time. It takes a magical picture of yours and you do not have to worry about storage space at all.

Moreover, all you enjoy having a fast and quick network connection. Apart from that, this reviewed fully unlocked phone delivers you with fast streaming time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have an unlocked Samsung phone?

To have an unlocked Samsung phone means that you’re not locked into a specific carrier, such as AT&T or Sprint. Purchasing a Samsung phone from the manufacturer or a third party seller like Amazon, it will be unlocked unless advertised otherwise.

When you purchase a new phone from Samsung, does it come unlocked?

When you purchase a new phone directly from Samsung, it is unlocked. There are packages that allow you to choose the carrier of your choice via Unlocked by Samsung.

Out of all the unlocked Samsung cellphones, what model is the best?

The best unlocked Samsung cellphone of 2020 is the Samsung Galaxy S20. A top of the line phone, you’ll be receiving the best features Samsung has to offer. This includes an incredibly large and clear display, top-notch performance for gaming, and a state of the art camera for photographs and your social media feed.

Summary and Conclusion

The list and recommendations about these Samsung Unlocked Phones have come to an end. Apart from buying these phones from the rest of the third-party sellers, you can also get these phones from Walmart.

If you are planning to try out any deal, then do share with us which one of them you are planning to opt and pen down to us your experience as well. If more of the Samsung mobile phone deals will come in the market, then we will let you know.

So, keep connected and tune with us. Apart from this Samsung brand, more of the deals on other brand unlocked phones are on their way.

In addition, if you can think of some other unlocked phone deal, then inform us about that deal and enlighten your other fellow readers. If you are a genuine Samsung fan and if you are a true and regular use of it, then deals like these will always excite you! We will keep on updating this list for you so remain tuned and in touch with us