Unlock Your iPhone – The Ultimate Guide

The process to unlock your iPhone is simple if you know what to do! Thankfully, we’ve broken it down for you by model, and by the carrier, and by type of lock so that you don’t have to do any more research. Click on the type of phone you have below, or by the carrier.

Step One to Unlock your iPhone: Find your IMEI Number

Find your IMEI number through your Settings

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The 15 digit number is unique to your specific device. It’s how carriers and manufacturers determine if a phone has been stolen or compromised.

Across all carriers, you will not have the same IMEI number more than once. It’s almost like a fingerprint in a way, being completely unique. Having that unique identifier allows for all sorts of tracking which can be very beneficial.

Step one of unlocking your iPhone is to locate the IMEI number that’s unique to you. In order to do that, open your iPhone and open “Settings.” From there you’ll see the following menu.

unlock your iphone menu page 1

Click on the “General” subheading which I’ve highlighted with a black box. If you see a red number, it means your iPhone has an update waiting to be installed.

unlock your iPhone menu page 2

Here you will see the sub-directory for the General Settings of your iPhone. Starting on top you’ll see the following: About, Software Update, AirDrop, Handoff, etc.

For this particular task, we will only be concerned with the About tab. I’ve highlighted it in a black box, so click that on your device and it will take you to the following menu. Depending on what model of the iPhone you have, this next page may look slightly different.

unlock iPhone menu page 3

Next, scroll down until you find the section titled “IMEI.” To the right of that, you will see a 15 digit number. That is your IMEI number.

I used an iPhone 6S as an example for this screenshot. If you’re using a newer model, you may see that the order of this information is slightly different. None of that matters. If you don’t see the IMEI number for your particular device right away, keep scrolling down in this section, and eventually you will find it.

Finding your IMEI number using your Sim Card

sim card IMEI

If you’re unable to locate your IMEI number through the Settings menu that I detailed above, no problem. Thankfully there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and your IMEI number is also engraved on the tray of your Sim Card. In order to pop out your Sim Card, you may want to use something like a paperclip or safety pin.

Once you have found your unique 15 digit code, you may need to take a picture of it and zoom in, or bust out some high strength glasses because they are hard to see!

When you’re done and have written down the information, make sure that you have put the Sim Card in the correct way before inserting it back into your iPhone.

Find your IMEI by dialing *#06#

If none of the above two methods worked for you, thankfully there is a third! Some carriers allow for a third way of figuring out this information, and that’s simply by dialing the following into your phone: *#06#.

It seems kind of random to be putting these characters into your phone like you’re going to call it, but trust me, it works for most carriers. I have AT&T and you can see from the following screenshots what it’s supposed to look like when you’ve entered it successfully.

dialing IMEI

If you look carefully above, you’ll see that I haven’t completely finished typing the last character. That’s because I wasn’t able to screenshot it fast enough before my iPhone automatically took me to the next page which showed me what my IMEI was. You don’t even have to press talk, or send, or whatever the green button on the bottom is. It just takes you to the following page automatically.

dialing imei reveal

Your screen should turn grey like the screenshot above, and where I’ve highlighted in the middle you should see your fifteen digit IMEI number. Once you’ve written that information down, press dismiss to leave this screen and go back to your main menu.

Step 2 to Unlock your iPhone: Contact your Carrier

Now that we have our IMEI number, we can move onto Step 2 of unlocking your iPhone. In order to do that though, we need to either reach out to our carrier or use a service that can do this for us. While I will provide a few links to those services later, it’s simple to do yourself as well.

Below I’ve listed the main carriers and detailed the process that is unique to them. Every carrier has a slightly different process, and it’s important to know how to do it correctly so you don’t get confused or make a mistake. If you’re interested in learning how to do this from every carrier, keep reading, otherwise, feel free to skip down to the section that corresponds with your particular provider.

Unlock your iPhone through AT&T

unlock your iPhone through at&t logo


For AT&T carriers, there is a simple process to unlock your iPhone. You only have to visit their official website so that you can easily and hassle-free unlock your device. 

You need to correctly enter your account/device data and needed information. Submit your request, and then you will get a confirmation email. 

If you do not have any idea about IMEI, then simply dial *#06# on your phone.

Open your email and carefully follow the steps. Only then will you be in a position to unlock your phone. It is within a time frame of 24 to 72 hours that your phone will be able to get unlocked. 

Moreover, AT&T is not going to unlock your iPhone in any way and manner automatically. It is important and essential for you to make a special request for this carrier.

It is on this official site that you can go for, att.com/deviceunlock. Read the eligibility requirements so that you can trouble-free unlock your device. Fill out the form and submit it. 

You will receive a confirmation email and an unlock request number. From there, you must click on the link provided within 24 hours. You will get a response from this carrier in a time duration of two business days. 

Unlock your iPhone through Verizon

unlock your iPhone through verizon logo


To unlock your iPhone if your carrier is Verizon, then you can follow this guide for sure. Get in touch with Verizon Customer Support Team for more information with the link above. 

This whole unlocking process differs from one carrier to another. 

The only common and general requirement is that you have to meet and fulfill some of the minimum eligibility criteria.

If you meet this eligibility criterion, then Verizon will unlock your iPhone. If you are one of the postpaid customers, then the unlocking policies will be different for you. 

And if you count yourself as a pre-paid customer, then your unlocking eligibility criteria will be different. Find more information through the link above

Unlock your iPhone through T-Mobile

unlock your iPhone through t mobile logo


If you are feeling trouble while unlocking your iPhone and you have got a T-Mobile carrier, then you can follow this guide. 

The very first thing you have to do is to go to your T-Mobile online account. Go under ‘View Account,’ and then you have to hit on the section of ‘Lines and Devices’.  

Moreover, you have to submit your request and after that, you have to wait for a suitable time frame for the sake of getting the confirmation email.

You need to process your financial obligations so that the request of yours regarding unlocking your iPhone can get accepted. 

You can get in touch with this wireless provider customer service (1-877-746-0909) and there you can put forward your query concerning unlocking your iPhone. Also, you will be provided with instructions.

You can even go for an IMEI unlock. This process is going to work for you likewise you are going to proceed with the steps of official carrier unlock. In the market out there, you can come across a large number of IMEI unlock providers. Make sure that you make a visit and get in touch with the trusted providers.

Unlock your iPhone through Sprint

unlock your iPhone through Sprint logo


Sprint is the most difficult unlocking process. Keep reading below and click the link above to get more information.

Most noteworthy, your iPhone will remain to stay unlocked until and unless any of the notification will not be released by this carrier. 

Once you will fulfill all of the terms and conditions and too many financial obligations, then your proceeding of unlocking your iPhone will be accomplished.

Your phone should remain to stay all and completely active on the Sprint network for a minimum time frame of 50 days. Also, you have to process and fill up the associated Service Agreement details and also Installment Billing Agreement details and too Lease Agreement. 

Lastly, your associated account has to be secure and in good standing. This is a Sprint Customer Care number (1-888-211-4727).

You are free to put up your request related to the Domestic SIM Unlock process. Or you can call on this Sprint Worldwide Care number, it is (888-226-7212). 

This universal number handles and proceeds with the tasks related to international unlocking issues.

Do you know if your iPhone is unlocked?

Do you know if your iPhone is locked? Most people don’t. You can know about this condition by following this method. It is a pretty and much simple thing to do. You only have to pop out your current and existing SIM. 

And then you can try out this new sim card for your phone. There you will get the notification that whether you have an unlocked iPhone or not.

iPhones purchased from an Apple Store are unlocked by default. 

You need to swap between SIMs by making use of different networks. 

For locked phones, you will always be getting error messages like that of “Invalid SIM”, or the message may come and appear as “No SIM card installed”. 

Furthermore, you can go to Settings and reach the tab, General. Hit on the section of About and choose the option “Check for a carrier settings update.” From this method, you will know whether you have got a locked phone or not.

The Different types of iPhone locks

There comes a specific and extensive variety of iPhone locks, Below we have collected sufficient details for you regarding which are those iPhone locks so that you may get a clear idea about this topic:

Passcode lock or screen lock


If your iPhone is locked and you can’t remember your password, the good news is that you can unlock your iPhone without a password.

If you have synced your iPhone right with iTunes, then you can make use of those iTunes to unlock any of your iPhone without entering any of the passcodes. 

First of all, you have to launch iTunes. Then you have to connect your iPhone to the computer. You can do that with the help of a USB cable. Most importantly, your passcode should sync with iTunes.

In the second step, you have to put your iPhone right into the Recovery Mode so that iTunes can easily detect it. Make sure that you do have a complete understanding of this recovery mode.

In the third step, you have to Restore your iPhone or you can even Update the iPhone Device. As soon as your iPhone is going to get into the recovery mode, then it will be able to get detected by iTunes. 

You will see a message that says a problem has occurred with your iPhone and your phone needs to be updated. It is up to you whether you want to restore your iPhone or you want to upgrade it. Finally, click OK and these iTunes will fully restore your iPhone.

The last step is to erase and remove the iPhone Screen Passcode.

Network lock

Network unlock allows your phone to stay compatible with any of the carriers worldwide. To unlock your iPhone, you have to get an IMEI number. You need to dial *#06# on your iPhone. 

This way, you will be able to see a 15 digit IMEI number. Get an order form, choose the correct country and also carrier. 

Fill up the form and do confirm your order. After paying, you will be delivered with a confirmation email. After this step, your iPhone should be completely unlocked.

iCloud lock

In this situation, your iPhone is going to be locked out because you are in need and demand of the iCloud email and also password so that you can freely access the phone. 

Plus, you need this information to re-activate your phone. To remove the iCloud lock right from an iPhone, you have to choose the correct model right on the order page. After that, you have to enter 15 digits IMEI number. Dial *#06# on your iPhone so that you can get this IMEI number.

After entering this IMEI number, confirm your order and then hit on the buy now button. Moreover, you will get a confirmation email. 

As soon as your iCloud bypass is going to be completed, then you will be provided with another email. To get rid of this iCloud locked issue, you have to make sure that the iCloud account is removed whenever you get a used phone. 


This is all about the guide related to the Unlocked phone mechanism.

If you still have any of the questions on how to unlock the iPhone, you can ask us. 

More guides will be put shortly, so keep in touch. You can share with us which method you opt for while unlocking your iPhone models.