Unlocked iPhones for Sale – Top Picks for 2020

Our Quick Picks

There are so many unlocked iPhones for sale in the marketplace in the middle of the coronavirus year, but what one’s best for you? Thankfully we’re going to get right down to it and share our top recommendation right away. Take a look at our quick picks, and you can see the most value and what we believe are the best pieces of cellular technology out there today.

Let’s start off with this beautiful, Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB. This is our top pick over here at OneUnlock.com. Out of all the unlocked iPhones for Sale, we believe that this provides to best value and utility for most consumers. However, this list caters to all budgets of all sizes, and feel free to click on the links and check out the other iPhone models as well.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 256GB, Space Gray, Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Unlocked iPhone 11 Pro

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Unlocked iPhones for Sale nowadays are a dime a dozen. Dr. Unlock has provided us with his top-most recommendation thankfully, and this is it, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro unlocked iPhone. 

This is a great looking phone. Not only does it come standard with the three lenses, but it also has the space available to store the incredible photos and high-quality videos you’ll be taking.

This iPhone model works with Sprint and Verizon, and also T-Mobile and AT&T. Be prepared that you will not get a Sim card and headphones along with the package.

The exciting part is that you will get a charger and too charging cable. All in all, buying this Apple iPhone 11 Pro phone is a great and sensible decision. It has passed the full diagnostic test and works likewise you have bought a brand new phone. 

Its functionality scale will meet your expectations. Like I said earlier, this phone has a transformative kind of Triple-Camera system. How amazing it is! It means you can take tons of great photos with much ease and not any complexity. Its battery life is super powerful. Lastly, there is a mind-blowing chip present in it. This chip will be able to push the boundaries of this iPhone to another level. Now, where to buy this phone? For sure, you can have it from Amazon from the link provided above!

Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone 8 64GB

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Then we have this Apple iPhone 8, 64GB unlocked phone for you. If you want a cheap unlocked iPhone for sale, then try this. Trust us, this is by far the best option that you can try out and have it in your hands. The iPhone 8, 64GB has an all-new glass design that slightly differs from the older models. 

History has shown that iPhones are top-notch when it comes to camera quality. Besides, this phone had the smartest chip present in it. It makes your processing and functioning fast and quick. We are sure that you will not find such a kind of powerful chip in any other phone model of some other brand. 

It offers you wireless charging and that is another satisfactory feature of it. This is a truly genuine phone that lets you use it in an effortless style. It gives you exciting reality experiences that you have never enjoyed before. Keep reading for more details on unlocked iPhones for sale below. 

So, do check out all of the penned down information and explore this world if iPhone unlocked models with your own eyes. This is a magical world and provides you with so many phone options in a budget-friendly price range.

Apple iPhone XS, 64GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone XS Space Gray

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If you are thinking about where to buy this model, then we will tell you! You can have this Cheap Apple iPhone XS phone from one of the trusted destinations and here we are recommending you to get it from Amazon. This is one of the preferred destinations that give you reliable and high-quality unlocked iPhones. 

Regarding this Apple iPhone XS phone, it may have a minimum number of scratches present on it. Also, its dents are not visible and battery life is super amazing. This is a fully functional iPhone that comes with needed accessories. You will get Amazon renewed guarantee time as well and it is up to the span of 90-days. 

What have you planned and decided now? Are you going to buy this option? You can try it and we are confident that you will become the everlasting fan of it.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB, Gold – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone 8 Plus Gold

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How about trying out this Apple iPhone 8 Plus phone. To buy a cheap phone set, this is another lucrative deal option that we have put up in front of you. The iPhone 8 Plus is a fully unlocked device and is very cheap compared to some of the newer models on the market today. It runs with all carriers and that is the highlighting part of it. Do not disappoint with this fact that this is a used and second-hand phone, it looks much new and all branded. You will get a 90-days guarantee from Amazon. How satisfactory it is! 

You have to remember that this Apple iPhone 8 Plus phone on sale is not Apple certified phone. It is, however, inspected thoroughly. Hopefully, you will not find any issues in it. Furthermore, you should always buy such phones from Amazon-qualified suppliers and not from any other kind of source. As with any refurbished or renewed phone, it’s important to know what the cosmetic condition will be. When it comes to the iPhone 8, it has minimum dents on it and it is a compatible version. 

Hence, where to buy it, go and click on the link above and get it from Amazon or other reliable third-party sellers. If you have contacted and satisfied with other third-party sellers, then do share your experience with us.

Apple iPhone X, 64GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone X Space Gray

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Moving to the next spot and details of Unlocked iPhones for Sale, we have for our readers this Apple iPhone X, 64GB suggestion. Do you want to give it a try? You should! This unlocked iPhone X is completely unlocked, and we are confident that it will work and function likes a branded new phone model. Most importantly, before you buy an unlocked iPhone, you should verify and check its compatibility. 

Likewise, we have this phone model and it is compatible with T- Mobile and also with Verizon and Sprint. It is at the same time compatible with Metro and Cricket. It is with all of these GSM carriers that this phone will work. 

The package comes with a charger cable and a charger, but headphones and sim cards are not included. Dents are scratches aren’t very visible on this unlocked iPhone. They are only going to be visible if you will hold this phone very closely. Buying this phone is one of the best choices. You can give it a try for once and share your feedback and opinion about it.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB, Gold – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone 7 Plus Gold

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According to experts and reviewed gathered by old customers, they have loved using this Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked phone. If you could not afford a new phone for yourself and you are thinking about an alternative, then try out this positively reviewed recommendation. For query where to buy it, have it from the trusted destination.

This model also has lots of improved and advanced features in it. It gives you a dramatic and exciting phone usage experience. There is an advanced camera install in it. 

Its battery life functioning is satisfactory enough. In addition, this phone model is injected with an immersive type of stereo speakers and they run in a fabulous manner. We can say that every single bit of this iPhone unlocked model performs in a desirable manner.

Apple iPhone XS Max, 256GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone XS Space Gray

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Here comes a larger of the iPhone XS, we are talking about this Apple iPhone XS Max, 256GB. The unlocked iPhone XS is in excellent quality and marked as the best buy. Furthermore, it has got a stainless steel frame. 

There is a Gorilla glass present on the front side of this phone and also on the backside of it. Moreover, this phone is composed of a powerful and highly reliable iOS operating system. It comprises Apple’s A12 Bionic processor and further accompanied by 4GB RAM. 

With this phone, you are going to get a backing and complete support of 3174 mAh battery. 6.5″ Super Retina OLED touchscreen display. Thankfully, the camera results are up to the mark. It is also installed with a Dual 12 MP rear camera and comes with a Quad-LED dual-tone flash too. Apart from that, you will see the presence of a 7 MP front camera.

 This is the best of all the unlocked iPhones for sale and can be easily connected and linked by WiFi. Feel free to connect it by using Bluetooth, NFC. Even more, this recommendation has got a Face ID feature. It offers wireless charging and remains resistant to dust/water.

Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, White – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone XR White

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The list is endless whenever it comes to unlocked iPhone for sale models. That is why here we are with another recommendation for you and it is about this Apple iPhone XR. It is with lots of GSM career choices that this phone is compatible.

We can give you an example like this Apple iPhone XR is compatible with Sprint and T- Mobile. In the same way and manner, it shows extensive compatibility with Cricket and Metro. If you have got a GSM carrier of AT&T or the US- Cellular, then this phone will too run and work with them. If you are thinking and wondering where to buy this phone, then you can order it from Amazon or Walmart. 

The charger and the charger cable that you are going to get with the package; they are UL or Mfi Certified. In addition, the battery health of this phone is fully and completely tested. It will keep on showing you with a minimum battery capacity up to the limit of 80%. These are enough details that may push you to buy this phone.

Apple iPhone 11, 128GB, Yellow – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone 11 Yellow

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No doubt, this phone has got the right amount and set of features present in it. So, when you will order this Apple iPhone 11 that is for sale?

Here for your convenience, we have attached an honest review with you. The best part of this unlocked iPhone recommendation is that it has a dual-camera system. So, if you love capturing shots and memories, then try this phone.  It has the fastest chip embossed and running in it. 

This is a trustworthy and fast-performance iPhone model that belongs to an unlocked category. In addition, it has all-day battery life. It manages to make the brightest and best of all quality videos. While you will capture photos and record videos, this Apple iPhone 11 will not consume much of the battery part.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 128GB, Silver – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple unlocked iPhone 7 Plus Silver

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The last suggestion that we have put up in front of you, it is this Apple iPhone 7 Plus model for sale! This is a fully unlocked version and we are sure that it will be a dream phone of yours.

This is an immensely pocket-friendly deal for you. If you have made your entire mind to buy this phone, then you need to make this thing sure that no sim card and headphone accessories will be given to you. And where to buy this phone model, get it from your friends recommended and trusted third-party sellers. 

In this package, these accessories do not come along with you. But the highlighting part is that charging cable and charger are present in the package. We are sure that you will not have any quality issues with this phone as it is of great quality. It is inspected time again and again. It is approved and verified by third-party sellers. From this evidence, you will not show any of the doubts about the quality of this phone.

Common Questions

Can you even buy an unlocked iPhone?

Many people hear the words ‘unlocked iPhone’ and think that it’s a bad thing. It’s not! Buying an unlocked phone simply means that you’re not locked into your cell carrier!

Can you buy unlocked iPhones from retail stores like Walmart or Best Buy?

You can! Many brick and mortar stores are offering unlocked iPhones for sale. Unfortunately though, in order to pay for all the overhead, prices tend to be higher than they might be for stores that are only online. Feel free to also check out other stores as well to get the best price, though I’m sure you’ll find that we have linked to the best of the best!

Summary and conclusion

We are sure that now you have got an understanding and that too in a detailed manner about these Unlocked IPhones for Sale. All of them are on sale; it means they are not at all expensive deals. 

They are pocket-friendly. We have also told you about the possible destinations and number of sites and locations regarding where you can buy and purchase these iPhones. 

Moreover, if you had experience in using such a phone and especially an unlocked iPhone, then pen down to us your comments about it. For details about Near me third-party sellers, keep tuned with. We also have mentioned Amazon and Walmart, and more suggestions are on their way. So, if you have got a few of the savings at your end and you want to buy a phone for yourself, then consider investing in an unlocked iPhone. A large number of populations are using it and you can become the target audience of this category as well. Keep connected with us as more other brand unlocked model reviews are arriving sooner.